• Dokkyo University, Japan. faculty: Linguistics, Bachelor of Art.
  • Kuwasawa School of Visual Art, Tokio, Japan
  • Akademie der Künste, Stuttgart, Germany, faculty: Stage and costume design at Prof. J. Rose
  • Hochschule der Künste, Berlin, Germany, faculty: XI Stage design at Prof. A. Freyer


  • 1971-1974 assistant stage and costume designer at Prof. Axel Manthey
  • 1975-1979 assistant costume designer at Ms. Moidele Bickel, Mr. Joachim Herzog and Ms. Dagmar Niefind in the Schaubühne am Halleschen Ufer, Berlin, Germany


In the late 70’s, after many apprenticeship experiences with German theatre directors, I met some American and British theatre makers who worked in quite different ways from their German colleges. I was greatly fascinated and deeply interested in learning their way of theatre making as I developed as a young stage and costume designer.

In the early 80’s, continuing with this enthusiasm I began working with Meredith Monk on her many productions, such as “the Vessel” an Epic at Schaubühne, in West Berlin, “The Games” directed by M. Monk and Ping Chong and “Education of the Girlchild” in NYC. Additionally have worked for global theatre project of Robert Wilson “the CIVIL WarS” or for his experimental Shakespeare variation of “King Lear”. During the same period I continued to work for German theatre makers as well, for example; “Three Penny Opera” directed by Hans-Peter Cloos at the Theatre Bouffe du Nord, Paris, “die Rassen” directed Thomas Reichart in Frankfurt a.M., “King Lear” another version of Shakespeare tragedy directed by Jürgen Flimm in Cologne. “Antonius and Cleopatra” directed by Hans Neuenfels at the Berliner Freier Volksbühne and so on.

In the middle 80’s, I made some special productions for children and teenagers at the “Grips Theater” Berlin, such as a German rock musical, “Linie 1” or “Ab heute heißt du Sara”.

At the end 80’s I went to New York, there I worked mainly on numerous dance projects with Susan Marchal, Lance Gries and again with M. Monk. I created visual art direction for her opera “Atlas” at the Houston Grand Opera and for her feature film “Book of Days”.

In early 90’s I got a chance to work on many commissions for ballet, dramatic works as well opera projects such as “Carmen”, Othero”, “Mahagony” or “Samson et Dallila”. In the mid 1990’s I returned to live in Berlin. Since then I am expanding my repertoires to revues, musicals, films and commercials as well as arts projects in Europe, USA, and Japan. “Don Giovanni”, “La Nocce di Figaro” at Staatsoper unter den Linden with Daniel Barenboim, “Oedips Rex” by Tadashi Suzuki, “Madame de Sad” at the SPAC, Shizuoka, Japan.

In 2000’s I worked for Guggenheim Museum, NYC on “JUICE – Variation” for miss M. Monk as well for “Songs of Accession” in Hamilton Tower in Oliver Ranch, California as well in the Nextwave Festival at Brooklyn Academy of Music, NYC.


Since working on the German film version “The Tin Drum” at the beginning of my career, I have designed costumes for a total of 12 German feature films. Amongst others; “Das Versprechen directed by M. von Trotta, “Bin Ich Schön” and „Nackt“ by Doris Dörrie. “Klimawechsel” was ZDF-TV series in 6 parts. “Bliss” or “Glück”, locations in Berlin, 2012, is the latest feature film directed by miss Dörrie.


I am very much interested in working with younger people, since I had a chance to teach as a guest professor at the Mozarteum, Salzburg, Austria. I am a father of a daughter, who has studied stage and costume design in University der Künste, Berlin.

Yoshio Yabara was born on 20.09.1947, in Kanuma-shi, Tochigi-ken, Japan, and lives in Berlin, Germany, who has a Japanese nationality.